Jordan Renwick – Pro Player sponsored by Selkirk Sport

Jordan Renwick,

President of JR SPORT ELITE.

Jordan is a competitive Professional Pickleball player representing Kelowna BC, Canada, and is a member with the Kelowna Pickle Ball Club.  Jordan is an accomplished Canadian Athlete and a young entrepreneur. Jordan has completed his studies in Business Administration and has been hard at work to develop his company JR Sport Elite.  He will be selling his own brand of products under the name ZEAL.

The ZEAL brand means:

Zest Enthusiasm, Always Living!

Zest is acquiring the motivation to complete challenging tasks!

Enthusiasm is finding your passion in life and never giving up!

Always Living is realizing that life is a constant learning experience and you have to teach yourself to be positive no matter what challenges you face!


Jordan is always training on and off the Pickleball court.  He competes throughout North America with many of the top players in the world.  He also offers clinics and private lessons in the Okanagan to Pickleball players wanting to improve their game.